Training program

Can I get a part time job while I’m on my J-1?
No. While on a J-1 visa you are not allowed earn wages at any employer other than the host employer listed on Form DS-2019.

Can I change host employer during my program?
No. The location of training is specified on Form DS-2019. If terms or conditions change during the course of the training, participants must call HTP to determine if they warrant a transfer of training site.

What if my training is terminated?
If your training is terminated for any reason, either your doing or your host property, your J-1 visa status will become invalid and you must exit the U.S.  Contact HTP immediately.

Can I extend my visa?
The maximum length of training allowed is 18 months. If you visa was issued for less than 18 months HTP may be able to extend your stay to 18 months.  Contact HTP for information.