In today’s highly competitive global economy, many companies recognize the need for forming a multi-cultural workforce. They seek to import skills from around the world and add diversity to their organization. However, they often face the challenge of finding those multicultural skills locally.

Through HTP’s Career USA program, employers have the opportunity to train highly qualified and motivated individuals from overseas. In return, your organization takes advantage of the skills and techniques of these professionals. Numerous employers, ranging from small business to Fortune 500 companies, already participate in the program for the following reasons:

  • To bring a multicultural setting to your organization

    International candidates bring a multicultural setting to the workplace environment and they will improve skills of all employees. Giving employees the opportunity to interact with people from around the world on a daily basis will improve their cross-cultural skills.

  • To create international business networks

    Career USA Program allows development of an international business network and form a global workforce. Since American businesses compete internationally they need to keep a constant eye on developments in oversea markets.

  • To gain better knowledge of international markets

    Career USA Program allows American businesses the chance to learn about the culture and appetite of overseas markets into which they want to expand or promote an awareness of within the company.

  • To enter or expand the global market place

    Businesses that are interested in breaking into the international marketplace can host candidates from countries in which they are seeking to do business in. Training these individuals in the procedures of the U.S. operation and sending them home to represent the company in the overseas markets is a cost-effective means for businesses to establish or expand a presence overseas.

  • To retain talented staff within a company on a global level.

    Allowing a company to train an individual in the US and retain this employee by relocating them to another office overseas after the training is completed.

As a designated sponsor by the U.S. Department of State, HTP is authorized to administer J-1 visa programs in Hospitality and Tourism; Information Media and Communications; Management, Business, Commerce and Finance; Public Administration and Law; and The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations. HTP coordinates the entire process which includes:

  • Recruiting, screening and selecting international applicants
  • Processing all paperwork and J-1 Visa applications, a procedure that takes less than one week
  • Providing participants with the proper insurance required by the US Department of State
  • Providing orientation and program materials and ongoing support throughout the program

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